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Beginners Guide to Beer Bar Navigation

The world of craft beer can be an intimidating place. With draught line ups consisting of 50 some-odd beers from places you’ve never heard of, it can be a little … Continue reading

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Creamy Basil Broccoli Slaw

I’ve been slacking pretty hard on posting anything lately. Typical excuses: work got crazy! That being said, another Whole Life Challenge is around the corner so I’m working on a … Continue reading

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Zoodles and Sunday Sauce

What’s a zoodle? It’s the best thing that ever happened to those of the grain-free persuasion. It’s simply zucchini, sliced into thin spaghetti like strands.  The best way to do … Continue reading

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5 Things NOT To Do During the 2014 Open

The Open is here.  Everyone is amped.  Profile pictures have switched to Games logos.  The internet is a buzz with scores and strategies. Don’t have muscle ups yet? Best get … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cupcakes!!

I will admit I am giving myself a massive pat on the back for this one.  I wanted chocolate on Valentine’s Day. The sheer fact that I kept seeing it … Continue reading

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Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhani)

For Christmas this year, I was given a few things to do with the kitchen.  Two paleo cookbooks, a crockpot, and a giant orange dutch oven.  Hint, hint..right? So I … Continue reading

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Strawberry ShortShake

See what I did there? This was the last shake of my 7 day shake bender.  I wasn’t feeling super creative and thought to myself: what dessert is virtually impossible … Continue reading

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Oskar Blues – Longmont, CO (Part 2)

Miss part 1? Catch up here. The sun came peeking over the Colorado horizon as we rose to make our way to a day filled with beers, food, and farms. … Continue reading

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I finally got it. Thanks to the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook. A paleo biscuit recipe that doesn’t taste like ass. It’s even fully approved for the Whole Life Challenge. They’re … Continue reading

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No More Cheat Meals!

I’ve been thinking a lot about cheating lately. We talk about it all the time. It’s constant.  Waiting to cheat. Planning it. Thinking about it days in advance. We already … Continue reading

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WOD 1.22.14

I know, I know. I haven’t posted a workout in AGES. It’s been all recipes, beer, breweries, and Whole Life Challenge rants.  I wasn’t planning on writing anything about todays … Continue reading

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Civilized Paleo Banana Bread

I was on the hunt for a Paleo Banana Bread recipe for what felt like eons.  That’s right, EONS. I’m not being dramatic. Every one that I found was dry, … Continue reading

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12 Reasons to Bitch About the Whole Life Challenge…and Why You Should Stop.

Every couple, this thing comes around called the Whole Life Challenge. In short, it’s an 8-week lifestyle challenge that encourages you to eat well and exercise daily along with some other weekly … Continue reading

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“Ceasar” Salad

OK. I admit it. You got me. Even I can get a little tired of the olive oil, vinegar standard dressing we tend to default to when walking the Paleo … Continue reading

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30 Days of Eat. Drink. WOD.

The Whole Life Challenge just ended. I have two whole months until the next one. What to do…what to do… By now you should know what I’m about.  If you’re … Continue reading

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Orange Almond Buttercream

While I was trying to figure out a second WLC approved icing for my newly discovered cupcakes, I got a bit stuck.  So, I started thinking what flavors are typical … Continue reading

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